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Welcome to the Befriend Community

Welcome to the

Befriend Community

A trauma-informed, compassion-based mind-body healing community that empowers recovery from fatigue, anxiety, cptsd, burnout, and stress-based conditions. We help you befriend your mind, body, heart and nervous system so that you can experience that you are innately self-healing and whole.

Nature does not hurry and neither do we. You are invited to learn about your mind-body connection at your own pace, and practice the skills we teach with time, space, and support. We are collaborative, not competitive, so you are welcome if you are doing other programs or ways of healing.


What we offer

One to one

Work with Nadia or one of our affiliated practitioners to get tailored expert support for burnout, anxiety, life transitions, stress and trauma based conditions. Mentoring also available for professionals.

For Befriend Community Members
Get individualised care
Deeper work on specific issues
Somatic Experiencing
Internal Family Systems
Psychedelic integration support
Adept at working with HSP’s and cptsd
Mentoring for coaches and therapists


Rest into a transformative journey that integrates expert education with evidence-based skills for healing the mind, body, heart and nervous system, empowering you to thrive. No achievement focus or pressure.

Low-cost annual membership
Eight mind body masterclasses
Education, skills, and practice
Free eBooks and meditations
On demand learning and live classes
Compatible with all other programs
Monthly visiting experts
Created by highly sensitive people (HSP’s) for HSP’s and suitable for cptsd.


A trauma informed, evidence based microdosing masterclass grounded in reverence for plant medicine and the wisdom of nature. Free access to a community discussion space.

3 hours of learning
Audio and video format
Downloadable resources
80-page microdosing journal
Respecting nature’s wisdom
Trauma informed psychoeducation
Risk reduction model for safety

What makes Befriend different?

Conditions we work with

Chronic fatigue
Chronic Pain
Environmental Sensitivities

Post Viral Syndrome
Often in fight/flight/freeze
Digestive issues/IBS
Poor self-relationship
Environmental illnesses
Loss of resilience

These symptoms are natural responses to chronic stress, late-stage capitalism, loss of healthy community, and disconnection from nature. We must stop pathologizing and labelling the individual, rather than acknowledging the environments and systems that create these conditions. The conventional medical system teaches us to fear our bodily signals (symptoms), but they are a wise source of information when we learn to compassionately listen.

How we can heal

Neuroscience research has shown that these conditions involve a chronic stress response, which can keep the body and mind in a loop of chronic illness and failure to thrive. The reasons for this protective stress response will be unique for each person and often contain deep lessons and growth.

Fortunately, via our innate ability to harness neuroplasticity (the brain and nervous system’s ability to change and adapt due to new experience and learning), we can actively guide our brain, mind and body, to empower self-healing.

From compassion and curiosity about our lives, ourselves and our body, we can become our own medicine.

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The Befriend Community
A mind-body solution

Nature does not hurry so neither should we. Our membership is annual, so there is no pressure for results and plenty of space to unfold. The cost is low at $349 a year to due our trauma-informed commitment as an organisation, which honours accessibility as a cornerstone of individual and community healing.

So many healing practices are based on indigenous and spiritual wisdom, so should not be turned into expensive reductionist packages or trends. This perpetuates fear-based disembodied consumerism that often leads us to control, dominate and colonise our body. We believe healing comes from building trusting reciprocal relationships with ourselves, our bodies, each other and our beautiful home planet that gives us life.

Eight Pillars of Mind Body Practice

We educate first as this is part of recovery for everyone we work with, and then teach eight powerful evidence-based mind-body practices in the form of masterclasses that have empowered hundreds of people we work with to self-heal.

Choose your path

You can do each class in the order they are set or choose your own adventure. Not everyone needs everything. We will help you find what feels good to your unique mind-body being. Simple daily practices, over time, change lives.

How We Teach and Practice

We offer self-paced online learning, weekly live classes that repeat through the year, masterclasses from visiting experts, and spaces to connect with others like you. We encourage humour, play and no achievement focus.


Discover success Stories
41, London

The work I did with Nadia changed my life. My health is in a better place than it ever was even though I have been through a really difficult few years.

28, UK

I am very grateful to have worked with Nadia in my recovery journey.


Nadia is a brilliant, one-of-a-kind human!


I quite simply don’t know what I would have done, or where I’d be, without her.


In the course of working with Nadia I have stopped seeing limitations or feeling overwhelm.


It is constant work but I feel for the first time in my life I have the freedom to be exactly who I want to be and create the life of my dreams.


Nadia’s support and guidance has brought me back to life in every sense of the phrase, and I’m now more vital than I’ve ever been.


Within two months my results were exponentially more than they had been doing 8 months of practicing alone.


The single most important step in my recovery has been my introduction to Nadia.


Nadia has been a godsend!


Her in-depth knowledge of trauma, and how this interacts with chronic illness, was life-changing for me to understand.


Nadia is without a doubt the reason I am recovering now.


Our articles are designed to educate and empower you and are rooted in our biopsychosocialspiritual approach to health and growth. Psychoeducation is an evidence-based part of recovery from mental health challenges, trauma, and chronic illness.

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